New Designs of 10L Fermenting Crocks

Posted on September 25, 2014 by Kryz Kociolek | 0 comments

Since Fermenting Crocks are our most popular items, we are expanding the range of crocks which we offer.  The 10L size by Boleslawiec is currently our most popular, so we have added two new shapes to our product offerings.

The Fermenting Crock, 10L Round with Stone Weights is slightly shorter than the traditional straight sided 10L Fermenting Crock which we have always offered.  The rounded shape gives it a more decorative look.  It has all the same great features as the 10L Crock, including a lead-free glaze, waterseal airlock and stone weights.  Due to the rounded shape of the crock, the stone weights will be smaller than the interior diameter of the crock, especially at the widest point.


We have also added an "Egyptian Style" 10L Fermenting Crock.  This crock is very similar to the 10L Round Fermentation Crock, with a slightly different design.  The handles and lip of the crock add an exotic flair to the crock.  Just like our other 10L Fermenting Crocks, this crock has a lead-free glaze, waterseal airlock and stone weights.  Although other websites that offer this style of crock note that it does not have an airlock, this is not true of our crock.  We hand inspect every crock we offer and have included a photo of the airlock trough in the product listing just to make sure you know that it does have the waterseal airlock!

We just keep adding new fermenting crocks to our products, so stay tuned for more - including some new sizes!



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