Boleslawiec vs. Boleslawiec

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The word "Boleslawiec" can refer to two different things, which can be confusing, so we wanted to offer a little more explanation!  Boleslawiec is both a place - a town and region in Poland - and a ceramics cooperative located in that town.  

Boleslawiec, Poland

Boleslawiec is a town in western Poland, as well as a county.  Because of the high quality clay that occurs naturally in this area, it is the center of Polish ceramics production.  The town was founded in the 13th century and evidence of pottery making in the town dates to the 14th century.  Pottery from this region is typically decorated in a traditional folk designs featuring mainly blue and white decorations.  This style of pottery is among the most important folk pottery traditions in Europe.

Boleslawiec Pottery

Boleslawiec also is the most popular producer of what most people identify as "Polish Pottery".  The company is actually a ceramics cooperative located in Boleslawiec, Poland.  A ceramics cooperative is a collection of smaller ceramics studio that produce products for the Boleslawiec Pottery company.  To make things more confusing, not all ceramics studios in Boleslawiec, Poland are a part of the Boleslawiec company.  While we import many of our most popular products from the Boleslawiec Pottery company, we also sell products made by another small ceramics studio (read more about that company here) in Boleslawiec, Poland that is not a part of the cooperative.  

For example, our crocks made by the Boleslawiec company feature this marking on the bottom - 

Our Stone Creek Trading Ceramics are made in Boleslawiec, Poland but not by the Boleslawiec company.  Here is the marking on the bottom of those crocks -


Both items say Boleslawiec on the bottom, because this is where they are made.  They also say Handmade (or Painted) in Poland and feature each studio's name and logo.

The last image also has the signature of the artist as well as "Unikat", which is a special marking which means "unique" in Polish.  This marking denotes a custom design made by a highly skilled artist who has gone through intense training to receive this designation.  The resulting work is an intricate work of art and is therefore signed by the artist.  We have a new custom crock design coming soon which will feature this designation!

We also have products from other ceramics studios located in other regions, but all the items we sell are made in Poland.  We hope that helps you understand better all the ways Boleslawiec is used!



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