New Rustic Fermenting Crocks

Posted on October 01, 2014 by Emily Kociolek | 0 comments

The last of our new products are now available for purchase!  We are always looking for new Polish ceramic artisans to work with and are excited to offer this new line of Rustic Brown fermenting crocks from Ceramika Kowalczyk.  We have 5 designs of these crocks available in sizes 3L - 8L.  All of the crocks feature a light muddy brown lead-free glaze as well as a waterseal airlock.  They also come with the stone weights included.

The 8L size is our largest of the Rustic Brown crocks.  The same design is also offered in a 6L size.  This crock features a 2" deep airlock waterseal, which means the water won't evaporate out as quickly.

Next up we have a 5L size in a barrel design.  This crock is a great size for most people.  It's small enough that it's easy to move around but large enough to still make a nice amount of pickles or sauerkraut!


The 4L Diamond size has affectionately been nicknamed the "pineapple" in our house.  This crock is a great balance between decorative and functional.

Our smallest of the Rustic Crocks is this cute little 3L Cucumber crock.  We love the etched cucumber design on the side.  We get a lot of requests from customers to offer a smaller crock size and this 3L crock is just that.  It's easy to move around and doesn't take up much space.

With all of these new designs and sizes of Fermenting Crocks we have been adding we hope there is an option for everyone.  The Rustic Brown line of crocks has a slightly less smooth glazed finish.  It still works great for fermenting, but the price is more affordable for many people.  We want to make sure we offer a range of products that work for everyone's needs and budgets.  Hopefully we have something that will be perfect for you!



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