Brining Crocks & 15L Fermenting Crock

Posted on September 23, 2014 by Emily Kociolek | 0 comments

The first of our new products are now available on the website!


We are now offering 2 sizes of Brining Crocks - a 3L and 5L option.  These crocks can be used for making a variety of fermented foods or for brining meats.  These crocks do not have a waterseal airlock or include stone weights, but this allows the price to be more affordable.  They also work great for serving your pickles or sauerkraut.


We also have added a larger 15L Fermenting Crock to our selections.  This crock is a larger version of our popular 5L & 10L Fermenting crocks.  If you are truly serious about sauerkraut, then this size may be for you!  It's quite large and heavy, but will make plenty of fermented foods in one batch.


We'll keep adding a few new products every day, so keep checking back here or on our Facebook page to keep up to date!



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