Cultivate Simple Podcast on Fermenting

Posted on September 17, 2013 by Emily Kociolek | 0 comments

Are you looking for more information about fermenting?  If so, the latest podcast from Cultivate Simple - Further Fermentation, provides some great information.  They also did an Intro to Lacto-Fermentation podcast that answers a lot of questions that our customers might have. 

This podcast by the bloggers behind Chiot's Run, is a wonderful resource for those who want to live a natural, simple & sustainable life.  We have been reading their blog for the past few years and have integrated many of their ideas into our lifestyle.  If you are interested in gardening, I highly suggest checking out this blog!

If you happen to listen to the Further Fermentation episode, be sure to listen carefully.  They mention Stone Creek Trading as a source for fermenting crocks and have a great offer for their listeners (and you)!  We hope you'll tune in!

We have also sent them a fermentation crock to try out.  Once they've had a chance to use it, we'll post a link of their experience with a Stone Creek Trading fermenting crock.  We're looking forward to seeing what they make!



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