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Posted on September 19, 2013 by Emily Kociolek | 4 comments

Things have been quiet here on the blog the last few weeks, but we've been very busy behind the scenes.  We spent August researching, sourcing and deciding on new products to offer for the holiday season!  Now all those lovely new products are "swimming" their way across the ocean and should be here by the beginning of October!

We're very excited about some of our new offerings, as well as restocking some favorites that have sold out on the website.  Our popular Extra Large Cabbage Shredders will be back in stock very soon! 

Fruit Bowl

We will also be restocking the Fruit Bowl, which makes an excellent hostess gift for any upcoming holiday parties.  The fruit bowl also works great for displaying Christmas tree ornaments or other decorations.

Polish Wood Carved Nativity Set

Especially for the holidays, we are adding a selection of handmade nativity sets. When I first visited Poland, I fell in love with carved wood nativity sets with natural mangers.  They are such a beautiful, unique product that I have been unable to find here in the US.  When we started talking about Christmas products, this is the first item we needed to have! 

Polish Wood Carved Nativity Manger Creche

In addition to sets which include the figures and manger, we will also be offering stand alone mangers/creche.  Many families already have a special set of nativity figurines, and these mangers will be the perfect way to complete your holiday display.

Wood Mushroom Nut Cracker

We will also be featuring another holiday favorite in my family - a nutcracker.  Growing up, I always remember my grandparents having a bowl of nuts & a nutcracker out during the holidays.  While we already offer the wood mushroom shaped nut cracker, we are expanding on this by adding a gift set which will include the nutcracker and a solid wood bowl.  This is another item that makes a great hostess gift!

DABO House Blocks 140 pieces

Finally, we have been working behind the scenes to get everything in place to start offering the DABO block sets online.  These uniquely shaped block sets have received an enthusiastic response at our market booths.  We have been playing with these castle, farm & house block sets constantly at our house ever since we got the first sample set!  You will be amazed at the number of blocks that come in these sets for the price, from 140 up to 220 pieces. 

DABO Natural Wood Castle Block Set, 220 Pieces

We will be offering both a natural wood set and dyed (colored) sets.  We have a limited number of these coming, and once they're gone, we might not be able to get anymore before Christmas.  We are the exclusive distributors of these blocks in the United States - so if you want one, order soon!  We'll be sure to announce once they are available so you can grab one while they are still in stock.

I'm sure you'll agree that at least one of these products belong on your Christmas list this year!  Look for them to start showing up on the website in October.  And as always, if you have any questions about these items please feel free to email me at!



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September 26, 2013


The 10L crocks will be available around October 5. We have decided to allow customers to “pre-order” the crocks while they are out of stock. If you visit the product page, you will be able to purchase the crock with shipping to be delayed until we have them back in stock.



September 26, 2013


The blocks are all natural and non-toxic. They have all been tested in Europe as well as third party tested in the United States. They meet all European and US Toys Safety Standards.

In addition, the natural blocks do not have a “finish”. They are sanded smooth, but have not been treated with stains or sealers. The colored blocks are dyed, not painted. These dyes are free from heavy metals and impregnate the wood instead of coating it. This means that when your little guy puts them in his mouth, he won’t be eating chips of paint!

We have worked closely with the manufacturer of these blocks to ensure that they are a high quality, natural product!

Jennie T.
Jennie T.

September 24, 2013

Everything looks great, guys! How are the blocks treated? Natural/non-toxic? Wondering about what I might suggest for Santa to bring for our little man this year and EVERYTHING goes right in his mouth.


September 24, 2013

will you have the 10 L fermenting crock available soon?

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