Kraut-chi Recipe from a Customer

Posted on January 29, 2014 by Emily Kociolek | 0 comments

We mostly use our fermenting crocks for making traditional Polish sauerkraut & pickles.  That's why we include recipes for both with every crock we sell.  However, we've been wanting to try kimchi for awhile now. 

We recently came across this recipe for "kraut-chi" from one of our customers!  She uses our 10L fermenting crock to make it, so the recipe quantities are made to fit.  If you have a 5L, you should be able to half the recipe to get the right amount.

We get a lot of questions about recipes sized to fit in our crocks, so this is a great one to try.  Let us know if you try the recipe and how it comes out!


Do you have a favorite recipe you make in your Stone Creek Trading Fermenting Crock?  We'd love to share it with our other customers here on the blog.  Just email for more information!



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