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Posted on March 06, 2016 by Emily Kociolek | 0 comments

You may have noticed that many of our products are now back in stock!  For the first time since we started importing 3 years ago, our shipment actually arrived on time.  In the past, shipments have been delayed by up to 6 weeks, so we try to be conservative when giving estimates of when items will be back in stock.  So we were very surprised when this latest container actually arrived on the estimated delivery date!

We scrambled this weekend to get the container unloaded and organized so that we can be ready to start shipping out the newly arrived products right away.  That means you can now purchase our popular 10L and 5L Boleslawiec crocks, both alone and in our 5L Beginner's Fermenting Kits and 10L Beginner's Fermenting Kits.  We also restocked our Extra Large Cabbage Shredders and the 8.5" (10L) Luna Glass Crock Weights!

We still have a few more items that aren't posted yet on the site, and that's because we have a little more background work to do before they are available.  The Olive Green Crocks have a new design by Boleslawiec, so before we can post those we need to take new photographs and update the description.  We hope to get that done in the next few weeks.

The Rustic Crocks are also temporarily out of stock while we update their listing to now come with our patent pending Luna Glass Crock Weights.  We've had many customers request to upgrade their  to include the Luna Glass Crock Weights, so we decided to go ahead and change the listing to always include them!

Thanks to everyone who has been waiting for us to restock these popular items!



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