Rustic Rumtopf Crock, 3 Liter

       - 3 Liter (.8 gallons) Glazed Ceramic Crock with Rumtopf design
       - Features a waterseal airlock
       - Handcrafted in Poland, Lead-free glaze
       - Handmade in a small studio
       - Does not include weights

      Are you looking for an affordable handcrafted Rumtopf pot?  Our Rustic line of fermentation crocks are all handmade in a small ceramic studio in Poland.  The glaze on these crocks is not as smooth or refined but they still work just the same!  The style of these crocks remind us of rustic, medieval pottery - that old-world style that we love.  The glaze color on the Rustic crocks is a medium muddy brown. 

      Making rumtopf is a traditional way of preserving fruits native to Germany.  Beginning with sugar and rum, you add layers of fruit as they are harvested throughout the spring, summer and fall.  The fruits are preserved into a delicious dish to be enjoyed during the holidays.

      As with all of our crocks, the Rustic crocks have a lead free glaze. These crocks also feature an water seal airlock which allows the gases to escape, but prevent mold or bacteria from entering the crock. Typically when making rumtopf, weights are not used and therefore not included with this crock.

      Because these crocks are handmade in a small studio, minor differences between crocks are to be expected.  However, we feel that these discrepancies are part of the unique beauty of these crocks.

      This crock is available in a 3L size.  This size is easy to move around and fits great on your countertop.  It's perfect for experimenting with small batches or for storing and serving!  The handmade design etched on the side features the word "Rumtopf" and a variety of fruit.

      This is a Stone Creek Trading exclusive item, we promise you won't find it anywhere else.  Because these are made in a small ceramic studio, we can only get a few at a time.  So if you want one, be sure to order now!

              Dimensions:    3 Liter - 8" x 8" x 9"

              Material:    Glazed Ceramic

              Country of Origin:    Poland

      Please note:  Fermenting crocks cannot be delivered to a PO box.  If you order a Fermenting Crock, please provide a street address for delivery.

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