Lowicz Folk Art Umbrella - Bubble

    This beautiful traditional Polish Folk Art umbrella is sure to brighten your mood on even the dreariest of days.  The large clear, arching canopy provides plenty of protection from the elements.  And the beautiful clear plastic hook handle makes sure you have a firm grip.  It folds into a straight line, making you look stylish even when it's not raining!

    The Lowicz Folk Art theme is a modern re-imagining of traditional Polish paper cutting designs.  Colorful folk paper cuttings, fashionable in Europe at the beginning of the 20th century, became famous in Poland as a part of folklore art.  Initially, they adorned peasant's chambers, only to become with time a folklore handicraft intended for sale. 

    The most prominent features of paper cuttings from the Lowicz region are the contrast of colors and the intricacy of its workmanship.  The original patterns were cut out with sheep shears. 

    Pick on up today and you'll find yourself looking forward to the next time it rains!

            Dimensions:   34" canopy, 31.5" long

            Material:    100% PVC

            Country of Origin:    Poland

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