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Posted on June 28, 2016 by Emily Kociolek | 0 comments

Our recent trip to Poland gave us an important opportunity to not only source new products, but also meet many of our suppliers in person.  Typically, our product sourcing is handled by Kryz's father - Jacek.  He visits markets and looks for small companies in Poland who make products that fit in with our focus.  He will purchase a sample item and include it in our shipments, or send us photos or have a Facetime meeting.  This works ok, but nothing compares to being able to shop in person!

I could have spent all day at each one of the wood suppliers that we visited.  Each shelf had so many different items, in a variety of shapes and wood species. 

It was so hard to choose what items we wanted to restock and what new items to include.  Even looking back through these photos now, I see items we didn't buy that I wish we had!  Luckily, Jacek is in Poland and can always go back and get something we forgot!

Just look at all of these cutting boards!  So beautiful all stacked up.  And these cutting boards are only one shape, there also were stacks of round, oval, endless options!

Visiting these companies also made us realize how different manufacturing is in Poland vs. the United States.  Most of these wood product businesses are located at someone's home.  Next to the house is a "pole barn" type building were the business is located.  They don't have business hours per se, they just walk out to the building when someone pulls up.  They usually have a couple employees working back in the building where the items are made, and the owner will be the one handling the part where they sell goods.  Home based businesses are the norm in Poland, and it doesn't seem weird to pull into someone's driveway to shop for wholesale items! 

If you've bought wood items from us in the past, most likely they came from this building! Isn't it cool to see where your products come from?


I'm sure you are wondering if any of the items in these photos will soon be offered in our shop.  The great news is that our shipment with everything we picked out on our trip is due to arrive in the United States tomorrow!  Of course, we have no idea how long it will take to clear customs and make the trip to us here in Chicagoland, but hopefully sometime in the next two weeks we will have some of these beautiful spoons (and many more products) in our possession!



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