Our Products Available in Europe!

Posted on May 12, 2017 by Emily Kociolek | 0 comments

Introducing FermentingEurope.com, our sister company located in Poland.  The website is now up and ready to take orders for customers throughout Europe! 

Ever since we launched 4 years ago, we have had requests to ship our products internationally.  It didn't make financial or environmental sense to import our products from Poland to the US, only to then turn around and ship them back to customers in Europe.  So instead, we looked at opening a company in Europe to ship our products direct from Poland.

It's been a long process as we wade through the regulations for ecommerce in the EU, but we are happy to say the website has finally launched!  One of the main things we worked on last week during Inventory Week was to get this website ready to go.  There are still many tweaks to work out, but the website is launched and ready for customers!

You won't find all of our products available at this time as our sister company is focusing on our popular and unique fermenting crocks.  And of course, the most requested item is available - our exclusive US Patent Pending Luna Glass Crock Weights!

So if you're in Europe and have been long waiting to buy our products, head on over to FermentingEurope.com and check it out!



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