Holiday 2020 Updates

Posted on November 12, 2020 by Kryz Kociolek | 0 comments

Wow - what a year 2020 has been.  I will try not to say "unprecedented" too many times as that's all we hear these days, but unfortunately that's just the best word to describe this year!  I'm not sure about anyone else, but I can say that I am thankful that we are in November and hope that as the year ends perhaps many of our current struggles can be left behind as well!

 Emily preparing for our 1st Holiday Season in 2013!

But since this is November that also means we are preparing for another holiday season, despite still struggling with the implications of a global pandemic!  This year will be our 8th holiday season and it's sure to be an interesting one.  With so many changes in the world this year, I wanted to get our holiday updates/information out early.  As we see continued delays for shipping times and supply chain struggles across the retail industry, this year it's even more important to plan ahead!

Our last shipment arrived at the end of September and we won't be restocking again until early spring 2021.  Luckily, we were able to restock almost all of our out or stock items and most of our purchase orders were fulfilled by our artisans.  Unfortunately, some of those items have already sold out and many others will sell out soon.  If you have your eye on something and you can afford to purchase it now, I highly recommend doing so!  Of course, you can always email me ( to check on the stock of an item if you need a little more time.

In the past we have offered a holiday shipping deadline and guaranteed delivery of items before Christmas as long as orders were placed before that date.  Over the past couple of years UPS and USPS moved their guaranteed delivery dates earlier and earlier in December, but we kept ours within about 10 days of Christmas and didn't have any issues.  However, this year we just don't feel comfortable offering a similar shipping deadline.  We have all seen the shipping industry struggle to keep up with increased demand as well as employee exposure issues due to the pandemic. 

Here at Stone Creek Trading we have been able to keep our processing time largely unchanged.  We have had to occasionally stretch some orders to up to 3-4 days processing time, but for the most part have stayed consistent with our typical 1-2 days.  We hope to keep with this shipping turn around on our end, but as the positivity rate continues to rise in our area we are being proactive in encouraging customers to order as early as possible! We will keep following our COVID-19 safety protocols that have thus far kept the Stone Creek Trading family safe and hope that it continues to this winter. 

In light of everything going on, we've decided to tell our customers to just order early!  If one of our exclusive Made in Poland products is on the top of your shopping list this year, get your order in as soon as you can!

It's been a difficult year for so many across the world.  I know our small family business's holiday plan might not be the top priority for many people right now and understand that.  But if we are a part of your holiday plans this year - Thank You!  We appreciate the support now and always.  

Emily & Kryz




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