Back in Stock!

Posted on February 16, 2017 by Emily Kociolek | 0 comments

January has been a cold and quiet month here at Stone Creek Trading.  But after how busy we were in December, we needed some downtime! 

Thanks to all our customers who purchased products from us - we sold out faster than ever before!  On November 21, we received a small container which restocked us for the holiday season.  We actually thought our July container would have lasted through the year, but we ended up needed one more in November.  And thanks to our customers, the November container sold in just 6 weeks!

It has been wonderful to see that fermenting is becoming more popular, but it's also hard to be out of stock!  Luckily, January and February are typically slow months anyway.  We normally have over 30 varieties of fermenting crocks, but last week we were down to just 4 options in stock!

Thankfully, our container arrived yesterday afternoon and we are now back in stock!  We imported a large container this time, so hopefully it will last us longer.  Plus, this shipment was the quickest one yet.  While it typically takes 6-8 weeks in transit to reach us from Poland, this container left on Jan. 20 and arrived on Feb. 15!

We have lots of reasons to celebrate over here as we are now back to being very busy getting everything organized and updated on the website!  Stay tuned for new products coming over the next month as we get them posted.




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