Caring for your Cabbage Shredder

Posted on September 14, 2015 by Emily Kociolek | 0 comments

One customer question we often answer is how to best care for your cabbage shredder.  Many people want to make sure this amazing tool is something they can keep in the family for years to come.  Today we thought we would share a few simple suggestions we have to make sure your cabbage shredder is here to stay!

If you would like to seal the wood of the cabbage shredder there are many oils that can be used for this purpose.  We recommend using a food safe oil, either a mineral oil or even olive oil works. Treat the shredder in a way you would care for a large wood cutting board.

In addition, It is important to make sure you store the shredder in a space which does not have large swings in temperature or humidity. An unheated garage, hot attic or damp basement is not the best place to store it when not in use.  These large changes in temperature and humidity can cause the wood to warp or crack.  It can get very hot and humid during the summer here in Illinois, so we make sure our shredders are in a cool, air conditioned space!

When washing the shredder be sure to wet the entire shredder and air dry in an upright position. Never lay the shredder on the side to dry as it can lead to warping. Always hand wash the shredder, although with the size of our shredders, I'm not sure you could fit one in a dishwasher if you tried!

Follow these simple steps when caring for your shredder and you should have a family heirloom!



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