Luna Glass Crock Weights

Posted on February 23, 2015 by Emily Kociolek | 2 comments

We recently introduced our new product, Luna Glass Crock Weights.  And so far, they have been a big hit!  We developed this product ourselves after seeing a void in the market for a non-pervious crock sized fermenting weight.  So we set about designing and prototyping one of our own! 

These weights are made to our spefications by a small manufacturer in Poland.  The Luna Glass Crock Weights are a unique Stone Creek Trading item, in fact we applied for a patent for them and they are currently US Patent Pending.

So what makes these weights so special?  Of course you can read all about them in the product listing, but here's a few brief points -

  • Non-pervious means they don't absorb anything - mold, bacteria, smells or flavors
  • Easy to clean
  • Transparent so you can see whats happening below without removing
  • 15% heavier than traditional ceramic weights

We currently offer the Luna Glass Crock Weights in ones size - 6.5" diameter for 5L Crocks.  You can buy the weights separately or with the 5L Brown Crock or 5L Olive Green Crock.  You also will receive the Luna Glass Crock Weights if you purchase a 5L Fermenting Kit

We wanted to test the market for the glass weights before we developed a 10L size weight, and I am happy to say our market test has been a success!  The 10L size Luna Glass Crock Weights have finished production and are now ready to be loaded and shipped to us.  We expect to have them in stock in April.  At that time they will be offered with all 10L crocks, the 10L Fermenting Kit and on their own.  And after many inquiries as to the small size of the 10L ceramic weights in comparison to the crock diameter, we did some experimentation and came up with a larger size that better fills the interior of the crock.  All around these weights will be far superior to the traditional ceramic weights.

We hope you are as excited as we are about these new weights.  The Luna Glass Crock Weights are a great way to upgrade your current fermenting set up, or to start out on the right path!  If you want to be notified when the 10L size is available, or you have a question about the weights, be sure to email me,!



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February 25, 2015

Hi Fred!

I’m glad you like the product. They are very sturdy and won’t easily break, in fact I think they might even be less fragile than the ceramic weights! Think of pyrex type glass and that’s what we are talking about here.

We don’t often have sales or discounts, instead we choose to keep our prices low at all times. As a small family business, we have a very small profit margin and therefore can’t offer major discounts if we want to stay in business! We are however currently running a rare Customer Appreciation Sale that we just sent out to our newsletter subscribers this morning. We are offering 10% off all orders for 1 week only. If you email me ( I’d be happy to send you the discount code.

Stone Creek Trading

Fred Fabricius
Fred Fabricius

February 25, 2015

Hi,,, Seems you have a great improvement here. If they are actually sturdy,,, and don’t break easily they will be a big plus. I have a TSM 10 Ltr Crock with regular weights. I am looking at your 5 Ltr Crock for smaller batches….. Do you folks ever have a “Sale”, or a discount on your equipment? For us retired folks that can be a real inducement…. Looking forward to checking out your new items… Thanks… Fred

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