5L Crock Giveaway on Phickle.com

Posted on November 11, 2014 by Emily Kociolek | 1 comment

We love giving back to our customers, and one way we do that is to sponsor blog giveaways!  We've got a great giveaway going on over on the popular fermenting blog phickle.com.  You can enter to win one of our 5L Fermenting Crocks!

Phickle.com is a great resource for fermenting recipes and tips and tricks.  It's a great community as well with active commenters that help each other out with even more information!  Amanda is also currently working on a cookbook, which we'll be sure to share information about once it's available as well.  We know our customers are always looking for more information about fermenting, and Phickle.com is a great place to find it!

So if you'd love a new 5L Fermenting Crock, go check out the giveaway!  There are lots of easy ways to enter, including liking our Facebook page and signing up for our newsletter.



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December 31, 2014

Very interested in your handmade products!

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