Posted on May 08, 2014 by Emily Kociolek | 0 comments

Have you ever had one of those days, weeks, or in our case months, when whatever can go wrong does go wrong?  Well that seems to be what is happening with this shipment. First it was delayed 3 weeks in Hamburg, with no reason given.  Then once it finally got to Montreal, it sat for a week and a half, with no explanation given and repeated assurances that it would leave in the next 24 hours.  And now that the container has finally made its way to Buffalo, NY it is once again sitting, and waiting, with no estimate of when it will be released.

We have contacted everyone we know to try to get things moving and even though everyone acknowledges that this is a "hot rush" as we have been delayed over a month so far, we are still being delayed.  Yesterday we were told it would be delivered on Friday and now today we are being told its on hold again.  Grrr!  We are all very frustrated.

We appreciate all of our customers who have been hanging in there waiting for our products to be back in stock.  WE are sure that this has been as frustrating for you as it has been for us.  Hopefully next week, but right now, your guess is as good as mine!



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