Out of Stock Products Update

Posted on March 06, 2014 by Emily Kociolek | 0 comments

As a small business, we don't have a gigantic warehouse filled with products. We try to evaluate our customers needs and anticipate sales volumes, but we do run out of stock of some of our products before we can get more.  Because we import everything we offer directly from the manufacturer in Poland, it takes 2-3 months from the time we place an order until we have the product in our possession and can offer it for sale.

Over the last year our business has been scaling up to meet demand.  We've seen steady increases in sales every month, and are working hard to scale up the business accordingly.  Last month we placed our largest order to date and today it was all packed up into a shipping container in Poland!  It now starts the long journey "across the pond".

Our popular cabbage shredders and 3.6L Green Fermenting Crocks are just a few of the products that are currently out of stock.  But we are happy to say that more are now on the way with the latest shipment!  We expect to have these items and others available in mid-April, but as we know from past experience, customs clearance can take anywhere from a few days to 5 weeks! 

We'll keep you updated here on the blog and our Facebook page if there are any delays to the shipment.  But if you would like to receive a direct email first when these items are back in stock, just send me a quick email - emily@stonecreektrading.com!



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