Artisan Fermenting Crocks

Posted on April 15, 2016 by Emily Kociolek | 0 comments

Who's looking for some new decorative fermenting crocks? We've added 4 new designs in 2 different sizes of Artisan Fermenting Crocks by a new small Polish ceramic studio.  Check out these beautiful crocks in the following motifs - Leaves, Mushroom, Lavender and Grapes.

Artisan Fermenting Crock, Leaves 2.5L or 5L

These colorful crocks feature a cream colored base glaze.  The exterior of the crock then has an additional translucent brown hand applied glaze on the exterior.  The designs on the crock are both carved into the ceramic and hand painted.  As always, the glaze is lead and cadmium free.

Artisan Fermenting Crock, Mushroom 2.5L or 5L

We currently offer these Decorative Fermenting Crocks 2 different sizes - 2.5 liter and 5 liter!  The 2.5L crock is great for small batches and experimentation.  They are a wonderful size for display as well.  Unfortunately, due to the small size of the 2.5L crocks, we don't have weights to fit in them, and therefore weights are not included with the 2.5L crocks. 


Artisan Fermenting Crock, Lavender 2.5L or 5L

The 5L Artisan Fermenting Crocks are the standard size for a fermenting vessel.  The are perfect for most fermenters, from beginning to advanced.  The 5L size will be easy to move around and fit on your kitchen countertop, but big enough to produce a lot of fermented goods!  The 5L Artisan Fermenting Crocks come with our 6.5" Luna Glass Crock Weights included.

Artisan Fermenting Crock, Grapes 2.5L or 5L

So head on over to the website to check out these unique, new Artisan Fermenting Crocks.  We hope you like them as much as we do!




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