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Posted on November 29, 2013 by Emily Kociolek | 0 comments

Krzysztof, Maggie & Emily

In honor of Small Business Saturday, we wanted to give everyone a behind the scenes look at our small family business - Stone Creek Trading

Stone Creek Trading is run by myself, Emily and my husband Krzysztof, with a lot of "help" from our almost 4 year old daughter - Maggie.  We take care of everything here in the United States from researching new products, unloading shipments, and packing orders to customer service and managing the website.  We work closely with Kryz's father, Jacek, who takes care of things for us in Poland. 

Jacek and Kryz unloading an early shipment

Jacek works directly with the small businesses in Poland that create the products we sell.  He will often visit these companies in person to see their operations and meet the people who make the goods we offer.  He then helps to coordinate the shipments and make sure we are getting what our customers want.  Jacek also visits us occasionally in the States and helps out with unloading and packing orders.

Maggie is always looking for ways to help us as well.  She likes to be right in the middle of things, no matter what we are doing.  While making a recent batch of sauerkraut, she decided she needed to check the water in the rim on our fermenting crock.   

She is more helpful in some aspects of the business than others.  Her personal favorite was helping us test the first set of DABO blocks that we received this summer.  She isn't quite so excited about helping us pack orders.  So we set up a little area for her among the boxes to play.  She also thinks the maze of cardboard is a great place to play hide and go seek.

Emily, Maggie and Kryz at a French Market this summer

As we say in our About Us section, Maggie was the main reason we decided to start this business.  In our previous careers, we were spending far too much time away from her everyday.  It felt like we were living to work, instead of working to live.  Our family is our top priority, and with the number of hours we used to spend apart, our daily lives just weren't reflecting that. Now, with Stone Creek Trading, we've found a way to make our business a part of our family.

When we say that Stone Creek Trading is a small family business, we really mean it!  It's not just about the people who run it, it's about our whole philosophy.  When you support Stone Creek Trading, you also support our family and for that we are truly thankful. 

Today, in honor of Small Business Saturday, and to say thank you for supporting our small business we are offering a free starburst fruit bowl with every order over $20.  Enter "Small Business Saturday" in the Additional Comments box on the Shopping Cart Page and we will include the fruit bowl with your order (this way you can still use another discount code if you have one!).  This offer is good on all orders placed between now and midnight on Saturday, November 30, 2013. 

You can also show your support of our business by liking our Facebook Page and sharing it with your friends!

Thank you again for supporting our small family business and we hope you enjoyed this glimpse into the story behind Stone Creek Trading!



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