Butter Keeper Crock

Do you love using real butter, but are frustrated when it's too hard right of the refrigerator to spread nicely?  Our butter keeper crock may be just the solution you need to maintain fresh, spreadable butter on your countertop!

Also known as a French Butter Dish, this style of crock will keep your butter fresh while at room temperature.  Simply fill the top part of the crock with butter then fill the bottom crock about half full with water.  When the top crock is inserted into the bottom, the water will cover the butter to prevent oxidization.  Oxygen is what causes the butter to go rancid if left at room temperature for too long.  Change the water 1-2 times per week and you will have delicious, soft, spreadable butter every time!

The Butter Crock looks great on your countertop or table in a lovely dark brown lead-free glaze.  This crock is made by Boleslawiec in Poland.

If you prefer to keep your butter out of the refrigerator, but are looking for a longer lasting storage solution, this Butter Keeper Crock is just what you are looking for!

        Dimensions:    4 1/2" Diameter x 4" Tall

        Material:    Glazed Ceramic

        Country of Origin:    Poland


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