Stone Creek Trading Polish Painted Ornament

If you love traditional Polish painted pottery, these ceramic ornaments are the perfect way to add the iconic blue designs to your tree!  These ornaments are handcrafted in the Boleslawiec region of Poland by a small ceramic studio.  Each ornament is handpainted, resulting in each ornament being unique!

We offer 3 different designs for these ceramic ball ornaments.  The Traditional Blue Dots design features snowflakes on a white base on top with solid blue with white dots on the lower portion.  The Flowers design has small flowers on a field of white with larger flowers with red/orange centers around the top.  The Snowflakes design has small flowers on a white base with a ring of snowflakes around the top and center.  Or you can get a set of all 3 designs and receive a discount!

Because these ornaments are glazed ceramic they are much more durable and less fragile than a traditional American ball ornament.  So add some Polish pottery to your holiday decorations with these one of a kind ornaments!

        Dimensions:    3" Diameter

        Material:    Glazed Ceramic

        Country of Origin:    Poland


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