Wood Mushroom Nut Cracker

This little mushroom nut cracker is just too cute to pass up.  It looks adorable (and trendy) on your coffee table and makes a great gift.  By twisting the screw cap, you can crack open the nut with much less force than is required of a typical nut cracker.  Plus, the lack of pinching parts means we can let our 3 year old daughter go to town cracking open her own nuts!  We think you'll enjoy this mushroom nut cracker as much as we do.

This nutcracker was featured in the New York Times article "Nutcrackers: Master of the Hard Shell", online and in the print version on November 20, 2014. Here's what Chef Chris Cosentino had to say about this unique nutcracker -

"He also liked a mushroom-like wooden nutcracker from Stone Creek Trading, which he thought resembled a porcini. "You can hold the top or the bottom to twist it together," he said. "That's nice, elegant and simple.""

The mushroom nutcracker now comes in a 3 different colors!  The classic brown cap is stained dark.  The whimsical Red Toadstool has white spots and fits right in with your woodland decor.  Our latest addition is the Natural Heartwood cap which is made with the heartwood of the beech tree.  Over 100-140 years, the aging process in the center of the trunk results in a reddish hue with darker marbling.  Because of this native process, each Natural Heartwood cap is unique.

Our Mushroom Nutcrackers are also available with a wood bowl in our Wood Nutcracker and Bowl Gift Set!

So now the only thing you need to decide, is which style you want!

        Dimensions:    2 3/4" Diameter x 4" Tall

         Material:    Beechwood, FSC certified.

        Country of Origin:    Poland


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