Scissor Tongs

If you need to grab it or flip it, these scissor tongs will have you covered.  The wood scissor tongs are ideal for checking your sauerkraut or pickles during fermentation.  Because they are wood, they won't react with the ferment the way metal wood.  The scissor function also make grabbing a pickle or some sauerkraut out of the crock quick and easy. 

These tongs are also perfect for flipping over meat and veggies and since they are made of wood you don't have to worry about scratching your pan or skillet like you do with metal tongs.  Not only are they perfect for tossing a salad, they also look great on the table for serving as well.

These scissor tongs can also be purchased in our 5L Beginner's Fermenting Kit, 10L Beginner's Fermenting Kit, or Fermenting Tool Kit,.

        Dimensions:    12 1/2" Long

         Material:    Beechwood, FSC certified.

        Country of Origin:    Poland


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