Stone Creek Trading Fermenting Crock, 2.5L

- 2.5 Liter Glazed Ceramic Fermenting Crock
- Features a waterseal airlock
- Comes with Luna Glass Crock Weights
- Handcrafted in by a small ceramics studio in Poland
- Lead free, cadmium free glaze

If you are ready to try fermenting in an airlock fermentation crock for the first time, this is the product for you!  Our 2.5L Stone Creek Trading Fermenting Crock is the smallest crock we offer that works with our 5.5" Luna Glass Crock Weights.  The small size of this crock is perfect for experimenting with new recipes before you commit to a large batch.  It's also a great size when you are only fermenting for 1-2 people. 

This small fermenting pot, like all of our fermenting pots, features a water seal that allows gases to escape while preventing any mold from forming.  This crock also comes with our 5.5" Luna Glass Crock Weights to help keep your ingredients below the brine. 

We offer 3 styles of this crock.  The Stone Creek Trading version has our logo stamped on a plaque on the side.  The Sauerkraut option features the word "Sauerkraut" stamped on the plaque.  For both of these options, the stamp is only on one side and the plaque portion is unglazed.  The Plain Brown crock does not have a plaque or stamp, but has a smooth finish on all sides.  All three varieties feature a beautiful, smooth dark brown glaze.

Because these crocks are handmade in a small studio, minor differences between crocks are to be expected.  However, we feel that these discrepancies are part of the unique beauty of these crocks.

These little crocks are the perfect way to get your feet wet with fermenting, so don't delay in ordering one today!

        Dimensions:    2.5 Liter (.66 gal or 5 pints) - 7" Diameter x 9" Tall

        Material:    Glazed Ceramic

        Country of Origin:    Poland

Please note:  Fermenting crocks cannot be delivered to a PO box.  If you order a Fermenting Crock, please provide a street address for delivery.

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