Polish Papercut Wycinanki Folk Art - Rooster 12cm

Ever since we first introduced our selection of traditional Polish Folk Art we have been searching for original pieces made with the historical methods.  While we offer many products which feature prints of these folk art designs, this the first time we are offering the real handmade papercut wycinanki designs. 

Polish Wycinanki (or papercut) first gained popularity as a folk craft in the mid 1800’s.  Originally, shepherds used their trimming sheers to cut designs from tree back or leather.  As the art form developed, colorful paper was used to create decorations that were pasted onto roof beams or furniture, as well as hung in windows.

This style of wycinaki originally came from the Lowicz region which specializes in designs of many colors.  The designs are made with nalepianki – where multiple layers of solid color paper are cut out and glued together. 

While in Poland in 2019, we discovered this artist’s work at the Polish Folk Art Fair in Krakow.  We immediately wanted to buy everything in her booth!  She hand cuts each piece in the traditional method, making every item unique.  Because of this handmade nature, no two pieces will be the same with a variety of colors and shapes represented.  We asked for a wide selection of her choosing to make these incredible works of art more accessible.

When you purchase a Polish Papercut Wycinanki Folk Art, you will receive one 10cm round multicolored cut out Rooster design affixed to a 12cm square piece of white cardstock and wrapped in a clear plastic film for protection.  Each item is signed on the back by the artist. 

The specific colors and layout of the piece will be chosen randomly.  We will attempt to honor basic color requests left in the notes section of the order if possible.  However, we cannot guarantee that we will have an item that meets your request.  We recommend keeping the wycinanki behind the film or framing behind glass for the best care of the artwork. 

We offer 4 different motifs in 3 sizes featuring the most popular traditional designs – Roosters, Floral Medallions and Peacocks

This traditional art form is sadly disappearing as younger generations have not learned these historic techniques from their ancestors.  These Polish Papercut Wycinanki Folk Art are the perfect way to keep this traditional alive.  Order now to add an important cultural work of art to your home or share with your friends and family!

        Dimensions:    10 cm (~4 in) diameter cut out,

                                  12 cm (~4.75 in) square backing

        Material:    Colored Paper glued to card stock backing,

                           Wrapped in protective plastic

        Country of Origin:    Poland


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