Garden Lantern, Floral

Are you looking for a way to add something special to your outdoor area?  These ceramic garden lanterns are just the thing to make your back yard stand out!  During the day you will love the unique design, but at night these lanterns really steal the show!  Add a small candle or LED light to make your garden shine (candle or LED not included).

The cut outs on this lantern resemble a flower, or perhaps a sun and moon!  This modern design is open to interpretation and will be the perfect addition to your contemporary space.  This design comes in two option - one with just flowers, and one with flowers and a spiral glaze.  You can choose which option in the drop down menu above.

These lanterns are handmade by the same small ceramic studio in Poland which makes our Rustic line of fermentation crocks.   The lanterns are very popular at his roadside stands along the border between Poland and Germany!

Because these lanterns are handmade in a small studio, minor differences between them are to be expected.  However, we feel that these discrepancies are part of the unique beauty of these lanterns.  Each lantern includes a base plate which the lantern sits on top of, as shown.

This is a Stone Creek Trading exclusive item, we promise you won't find it anywhere else in the US.  Because these are made in a small ceramic studio, we can only get a few at a time.  So if you want one, be sure to order now!

        Dimensions:   20 cm (7 7/8") diameter

        Material:    Unglazed Ceramic

        Country of Origin:    Poland

Category: Garden Lattern

Type: Decorative

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