Fermenting Tool Kit - Cabbage Shredder, Masher & Tongs

Included in this kit:
    - Cabbage Shredder in your choice of sizes - Small, Medium, or Large


    Please note:  Because the Cabbage Corer is currently out of stock, the Fermenting Tool kit does not include the corer at this time.  The price has been adjusted to reflect this change. 

    If you already have a fermenting vessel, this tool kit is perfect for you!  Included in the kit are all the items you need to improve the efficiency of your fermenting process.

    The primary product in this kit is our popular Cabbage Shredder in your choice of size - Small, Medium, or Large.  Making sauerkraut goes so much faster with one of these shredders.  Made of sustainably grown FSC certified solid poplar, our shredders feature 3 removable stainless steel blades.  Follow the links to the individual product listings to learn the differences between each shredder to make a decision about which size will be right for you!

    Our Cabbage Tamper/Masher/Pounder is another great tool for speeding up and simplifying the sauerkraut making process.  When you use our custom designed masher to pound all the liquid from the cabbage you will be amazed how much juice is released! 

    We also include a pair of Wood Scissor Tongs with this kit.  These tongs are perfect for grabbing a pickle or some sauerkraut out of your crock to test.  When fermenting, you should always use non-corrosive utensils (not metal) to avoid any chemical reactions that can change the fermentation process.

    With all these items this kit has everything you need and is an amazing deal!  All you need is a fermenting vessel of your choice and you will be fermenting in no time.

            Dimensions:    See individual item listings -

                     Small, Medium, or Large Cabbage Shredder

                     Cabbage Tamper/Masher/Pounder

                     Wood Scissor Tongs

            Material:    Poplar, Beechwod & Stainless Steel

            Country of Origin:    Poland


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