FACTORY SECOND - Luna Glass Crock Weights

Have you been wanting to upgrade your fermenting weights to our non-porous Luna Glass Crock Weights, but aren't ready to spend too much?  If so, then we've got a deal for you!

These factory second Luna Glass Crock Weights are completely functional, they just don't meet our finish standards.  The pictures show typical damage which may include creases, bumps and/or surface only scratches. Each weight has unique surface defects, so while we assure you the weights are usable, they just aren't uniformly finished.

Stone Creek Trading developed these lead-free glass weights as an alternative to the traditional porous ceramic weights which are sold with most fermenting crocks. The Luna Glass Crock Weights are a Stone Creek Trading exclusive item and are protected by Design Patent 812,426 and Utility Patent and 10,034,483 B2.

You can read more details at the Luna Glass Crock Weights product listing.

The 6.5" diameter is sized for the 5L Boleslawiec crocks, while the 8.5" diameter is sized for a 10 Liter Boleslawiec crock.  These glass weights are individually handmade, which may result in a small variation in size.  It is our recommendation that the interior diameter of your crock should be at least 1/2" larger than the diameter of the weight.

We have a limited supply of these Factory Second glass weights, as they are discovered in our inventory when we prepare items for shipping.  Check back often as the stock of factory seconds changes frequently. We DO NOT send email notifications when Factory Second items come back in stock.

This is a great deal as you will receive a usable set of Luna Glass Crock Weights with only minor finish defects.


       Dimensions:   5.5" diameter, ~3/4" thick, 2 weights included as pictured

                                6.5" diameter, ~3/4" thick, 2 weights included as pictured

                                7.5" diameter, ~1" thick, 2 weights included as pictured

                                8.5" diameter, ~1" thick, 2 weights included as pictured

        Material:    Unleaded Glass

        Country of Origin:    Poland

FACTORY SECOND products are not eligible for returns or exchanges.  All sales of Factory Second items are final.

Luna Glass Crock Weights are protected by Patents D812,426 and 10,034,483 B2


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