Boleslawiec Fermenting Crock - 10 Liter with Glass Weights

- 10 Liter (2.6 gal) Stoneware Fermenting Crock
- Includes matching Luna Glass Crock Weights, and features a waterseal airlock
- Handcrafted in Poland by Boleslawiec
- Lead-free and cadmium-free glaze
- Comes with recipes for pickles and sauerkraut 

Ever dreamed of naturally fermenting your own pickles, sauerkraut or kimchi at home?  If so, then this Polish stoneware fermentation crock is just what you need!  This large fermenting pot features a water seal airlock that allows gases to escape while preventing any mold from forming.  That means less work for you and a fresher, more reliable result. 

When you purchase a fermentation crock from us, the crock weight is always included.  You do not need to purchase additional weights with your order.  This crock now comes with our new exclusive non-porous Luna Glass Crock Weights. The correct size of weight is essential in keeping the contents fully submerged in order to properly ferment.  The Luna Glass Crock Weights for the 10L Crock are 1" larger than the ceramic weights, which keep more veggies submerged.  We also include a recipe for both pickles and sauerkraut with each crock we ship! 

This crock is made in Poland by Boleslawiec.  Each crock is handmade, resulting in an unique, natural product.  Due to their handmade nature, some minor inconsistencies between crocks may occur.  However, we hand inspect each crock before shipping to ensure that they meet our high standards.

In 2016, Boleslawiec responded to our customer's feedback and made some changes to the design of this crock.  The primary change is to use a smoother clay that results in a more even finish.  This clay is lighter in color and weight, meaning the crocks don't weigh as much and are easier to move around.  They have also improved the glazing process to result in a more uniform surface.  In addition, the rim of the crock is now completely glazed!  Finally, the shape of the lid has changed to be a higher dome shape. 

The 10L size is large and heavy, and will make a large batch of your favorite fermented recipe.  It's great for those who are serious about fermenting and like to make a lot at one time.

This 10L Fermenting Crock can also be purchased in our 10L Beginner's Fermenting Kit.

All you need to add is water, salt and your vegetables of choice, and you are only weeks away from a pro-biotic rich, lacto-fermented superfood!

        Dimensions:    11" x 11" x 14" (15.5" to top of lid), 10 liter or 2.6 gallons

                               Interior Diameter - 9.25", Interior Height - 10",

                               Opening Diameter - 6", Approx. 27lbs with weights

        Material:    Glazed Stoneware

        Country of Origin:    Poland


Please note:  Fermenting crocks cannot be delivered to a PO box.  If you order a Fermenting Crock, please provide a street address for delivery.

Luna Glass Crock Weights are protected by Patents D812,426 and 10,034,483 B2




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