Can It & Ferment It

A fermenting crock is even better when you have lots of recipes to fill it with.  Add this resourceful new recipe book to your order and you will have everything you need to become an expert fermenter!  Plus you will see some Stone Creek Trading products and our Polish Dill Pickle recipe in the book as well!

Welcome to the world of produce preservation. In Can It & Ferment It, blogger and preservation enthusiast Stephanie Thurow brings the canning and fermenting communities together by offering recipes that work for both canning and fermenting. From a first-timer to the advanced preservationist, Can It & Ferment It shows canners and fermenters alike how they can have the best of both worlds.

Stephanie explains the differences between the canning and fermentation processes, emphasizes the importance of using local and organic produce, describes canning and fermenting terminology and the supplies needed for both methods, and offers more than seventy-five fun and easy recipes for every season. Readers will learn how to preserve each fruit or vegetable in two different ways; each can be enjoyed water bath–canned or as a healthy, probiotic-rich ferment.

Recipes in this helpful guide include strawberry chutney, the perfect garlic dill pickle, spring onion kimchi, cinnamon-honey apple butter, and more!

Author - Stephanie Thurow 

Publisher - Skyhorse Publishing

Published - 18 July 2017, Second Edition 2020

Format - Hardback 

Pages - 197 

Dimensions - 6.00 x 8.00in. 

About the author - Stephanie Thurow fell in love with kimchi as a toddler and never looked back. She is the creator of canning and fermenting blog Minnesota from Scratch and has been a fanatic for preserving foods since the mid-2000s. She resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with her husband, daughter, and plethora of pets.

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