Wood Cabbage Shredder, Medium Size

    - Great for Slaw and Sauerkraut

       - Terrific for filling a Fermenting Crock

       - 3 Removable Stainless Steel Blades - can be resharpened if needed

       - 26.5" long! With 6" x 8" x 2.5" Cabbage Holder

       - Made from sustainably grown FSC certified poplar

       - Made in Poland of solid hardwood (no plywood or laminate)

    Are you serious about Sauerkraut?  Then this is seriously the product for you.  With three metal blades and all wood construction, this wood cabbage shredder will cut the time it takes you to make sauerkraut or coleslaw in half!  A wood box holds the cabbage in place, making shredding fast, efficient and a little safer.

    The blades on this shredder are removable, but not adjustable.  The blades are set at approximately 1/8" apart.

    The medium size is perfect for those with an average size kitchen and is our most popular size shredder.  You will have to cut most heads of cabbage in half or fourths before shredding, but the cabbage box and the length of the shredder makes it easy to use.

    We are working with a new shredder manufacturer, which means there a few changes between this medium shredder and the one we previously offered.  The shredder box is now a rectangle instead of a square and the shredder itself is 4" longer.  The blades on the shredder are also a different design.  The wood on the shredder is cured longer and the tolerances are greater, making this shredder less likely to warp.  We think the new version is even better!

             Dimensions:    4" x 7" x 26.5"

             Material:    Poplar, FSC certified.  

                                Stainless Steel blades

            Country of Origin:    Poland


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