FACTORY SECOND - SCT Decorated Crocks, 2L

Are you looking for an unbeatable price on a fermenting crock, but don't care if there are a few cosmetic blemishes?  If so, then we've got a deal for you!

This is a special listing of our Factory Second crocks as a recent batch of the SCT Decorated Crocks Dots & Stars ended up with a smeared glaze during firing.  The glaze on the crocks is fully set, but the colors are dull and the designs did not come out clear and bold as they typically would.  We have a larger number of these crock than is typical for our Factory Seconds, so we decided to give them their own listing!

These factory second Fermenting Crocks are completely functional, they just don't meet our finish standards.  Unlike our typical Factory Second crocks, these items all have the same problem - a smeared or blurry glazing that changes the appearance of the decoration. Each crock is still unique in its surface defects, as the way that the design is altered on each individual crock will be different.  

While we assure you the crock is usable, it may not be an item you would want to have on display. The Factory Second Crocks come with our patented Luna Glass Crock Weights.  These glass weights also have minor defects. 

We DO NOT send email notifications when Factory Second items come back in stock.

This is a great deal as you will receive a usable fermenting crock with only minor finish decoration defects.  Besides this glaze appearance issue, all other details about each of these crocks can be found at the individual product listing -

Stone Creek Trading Fermenting Crock - 2L Polish Decorated

If you have any questions, email Emily at emily@stonecreektrading.com.

        Dimensions:    2 Liter (1/2 gal or 4 pints) - 6.25" Diameter x 8" Tall

        Material:    Glazed Stoneware

        Country of Origin:    Poland

FACTORY SECOND products are not eligible for returns or exchanges.  All sales of Factory Second items are final.

Please note:  Fermenting crocks cannot be delivered to a PO box.  If you order a Fermenting Crock, please provide a street address for delivery.

Luna Glass Crock Weights are protected by Patents D812,426 and 10,034,483 B2

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